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Estate Sales

Estate Sales

Auctions By Adkins specializes in the sale of estate items.  Whether it is due to the loss of someone close or simply downsizing, you can be certain Auctions By Adkins will present your merchandise to maximize its value.  Auctions By Adkins provides several avenues to market estates.  From on-site sales, to moving items to our auction facility, the owner is assured they will receive the maximum value the market will allow. With highly competitive rates, an experience staff, and state of the art marketing techniques, call us today and let us assist you in the sale of your estate.  Personal attention is our guarantee; phenomenal service is our product.


Services Offered:

  • An evaluation of your estate and items.
  • Marketing/sales plan to help you maximize potential.
  • A timeline so you can realistically expect to see revenue.
  • A full color brochure for your items is distributed to our buyers via our data base.
  • Color pictures are included on our website and on-line advertising.

Antique Sales

How we can sell your antiques

Auctions By Adkins holds one antique auction per month at their auction house: 2638 SE State Road 21, Unit 7, Melrose Florida.  We comb the country to bring the very best in primitives, hard to find merchandise, and other unique items.  A lot of our antiques come via upstate New York and Jim and Linda Pierson, our New York pickers, have an incredible eye for the rare and hard to find items.  Antiques tell a story and we like to think our outstanding collection shares the very best from times long past.  Let memories guide you down our history and come visit us at our antique auction. 

Other Services

Auctions By Adkins has made contacts with other professionals in the auction field.  This allows us to offer services most cannot.  If you need any of the following, we have a package for you.

  • Boat Auctions
  • Heavy Equipment Auctions
  • Real Estate Auctions
  • Fine Art Auctions
  • Charity Auctions

Consignment Items

Auctions By Adkins specializes in assisting clients with those unique and rare items at an incredibly affordable commission.  Staff conducts research, liaises with other professionals, and consults our vast data base to determine the value of special items.  Next, our marketing strategy ensures the item is presented to its fullest potential.  We have a list of buyers looking for unique items and have become trusted dealers in several areas.  Contact us today and let us help you move those special pieces and bring you the greatest return!


Services Offered:

  • An analysis of your item.
  • Free research.
  • Marketing and placing the item where it will generate the greatest revenue.
  • A timeline on when to expect a sale and revenue.

General Merchandise Auctions

Auctions By Adkins assists sellers with eliminating their excessive inventory.  Whether it is a lawn mower, power tool, or lawn furniture, someone else is looking for the item you have.  On-line advertising does not provide a vehicle to maximize your potential and you do not know who is coming to your house to purchase the item.  Garage sales are popular because people want a bargain and are looking to pay pennies on the dollar.  Let us help you by offering your items for sale at our general merchandise auction.  Because of our on-line advertising, advertising connections, data base of sellers, and other marketing avenues we have the best opportunity to sell your item for the highest amount.  Call us today and give us a chance to sell your excess inventory! 


Auctions By Adkins is often asked to appraise antiques, collectibles and other items.  Having a qualified staff with expertise in this area is vital for an accurate and honest appraisal.  With changing markets, rarity of some merchandise and our huge data base, we can provide accurate appraisals for any item we come into contact with.  More importantly, we have established a data base with other professionals to assist in the appraisal process.  Let us evaluate and appraise your item so you can learn its real value.  Contact us today for quotes.