About Us


Art Adkins
As Head Auctioneer for Auctions By Adkins, Art is always intent on sharing the history of historical items.  Each piece has a story to tell and he tries to make sure each receives the acclaim it deserves.  His prior profession was in law enforcement and he retired after twenty years with the Gainesville Police Department.  Part of his passion is writing novels and he has written two mystery thrillers, The Oasis Project and Power Grid, and authored a leadership book, Leadership Basics Conquering the Seven Deadly Sins.  Currently, when not auctioneering or helping his wife with the antique business, he continues to write and is finishing work on a young adult fiction novel.





Carol Adkins
Auctions By Adkins and Antiques By Adkins
It has been said that if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life.  This is very true of Carol.  She started collecting antiques and after filling up her house, she decided to open a booth in a local antique mall.  From there she moved to Ebay and after continuing to acquire hidden treasures, she convinced her husband to venture into the auction business so others could share their excitement in the antique world.  Her diligence and enthusiasm is contagious and she has made Auctions By Adkins a family business.  Her desire to see antiques find a treasured home has moved the business into estate sales, appraisals, consignments, and many other avenues of the antique world.  Despite all the work, she still finds time to enjoy the many pieces of antiques she has collected.



Jim and Linda Pierson
Acquisition Specialists
Jim and Linda both retired from the United States Army as Colonels.  They both, however, discovered a hidden talent they share with their daughter Carol: they love to hunt for antiques.  Living in upstate New York, the cradle for the emerging United States over two hundred years ago has placed them right in the center of the most intriguing and desirable antiques you could imagine.  Whether it is finding a pyrographic piece of art from I.W. Wells work titled Pharaoh’s Horses or a mid century dining room set or a porcelain tobacco humidor from the mid 1800’s, these acquisition specialists have the knack for locating the impossible-to-find.  With a keen eye and an incredible knowledge base, they have located pieces from antiquity that are truly amazing.  They continue to turn up amazing pieces from America’s past that astound the antique community.


Arthur and Kasey Adkins
Computer Tech and Administrative Specialist
Arthur handles all of the computer software and websites for Auctions By Adkins, as well as helping to coordinate the flow of antiques offered for sale on auction night.  A graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Computer Science, Arthur points out the most efficient and effective ways to market and run the automated functions for Auctions By Adkins.  Auction night presents a multitude of issues that have to be handled and addressed to ensure a smooth flow for the auction.  Arthur coordinates with other members of the staff to provide that seamless appearance for guests.

Kasey is the Administrative Specialist for Auctions By Adkins.  She registers all perspective buyers, handles the checking out for customers who purchase items and coordinates the flow for all administrative personnel.  Carol ‘clerks’ each auction and this information is sent to Kasey who ensures each customer receives all items they purchased and the totals are correct.  In addition, Kasey solves the myriad problems arising on auction night!

Dustin Adkins  

Next to the Auctioneer, no one interacts with the crowd more than a good RingMaster, if not more so.  Dustin’s job as RingMaster is complex.  As the Auctioneer brings an item up for bid, Dustin is interacting with the audience, soliciting bids and ensuring no bidder goes unnoticed by the auctioneer.  At 6’7” he is very easy to spot, even in a crowd!  Dustin is working as the go-between for the Auctioneer and Arthur:  production must move quickly, efficiently and no bidder must be left out.  It is a delicate position to coordinate product, “entertain” bidders, and ensure all bids are spotted by the Auctioneer.  It has been said that a good RingMaster can make an auction a huge success.  Dustin is a graduate of Dartmouth College, where he majored in Economics.  LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Dustin is featured in the novel Power Grid, a mystery thriller that takes place in Florida.  His character, Dustin Zane (Zane is his middle name) is a bodyguard for the richest woman on Earth.